To make a change from Who Are We?

To learn about us and the essence of our business, we want to put you at the forefront of the stay we are going to offer you at Libra.

You have one or two weeks of vacation, or even one to six months of away. You are simply looking for a place to relax and enjoy life in a balanced environment. Libra gives you that feeling of being at home in an international community where adventure, fun and work come together. Whether you are a busy young professional at home, a student looking for a stimulating place to write your thesis, or simply a seasoned traveler, Libra will provide you with a stay that suits you.

Are you a private room and absolute comfort type? Do you prefer the social experience of a dorm? Ever wanted to experience living in a camper? Are you simply a fan of camping and nights under the starry sky? Libra will meet your needs!

Surfing, scuba diving, yoga, hiking, mountain biking, visiting local Mexican attractions and of course, watching the sunset over the Pacific will be some of the activities you will enjoy during your stay. If we forgot an activity that would make you happy during your visit at Playa Cerritos, please let us know by email !

You will fall in love with the beauty of the area and will only want to come back. You will be part of the Libra community.

We are Libra, you are Libra!


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